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Is This Crazy?

by Pretty Fire

I’ve appraoched you so carefully
But still you stir up things inside of me
Like when you offered me chocolate
I can’t forget it, even a few months later
Woah I must it slowly
No don’t know if you know me
But I must admit, I’m willing to let you try

Is this crazy, cause you’re taken and I know him too?
I had a dream once that you left him
Is it coming true?
But right now I’m pretty messed up
What she did to me was pretty fucked up but somehow
I still love her the same
Is something wrong with my brain?
This confusion and pain mixed with envy and blame
Will it all be the same?
Or could someone like you treat me better
Better than her
Or will I just never forget

I know I’ll only get one chance to do this cause that’s the rule
We work together plus a false friendship just isn’t cool
You send me hearts and so I think I’ve got a chance with you
But right now I’m not ready so can we just play it cool?

Right now I just need a friend
Right now I just need a friend
Someone who I can depend on